Dreamscape II, 16x20 White Aluminum

Blue Pearl, 16x20 White Aluminum

Summer, 16x20 White Aluminum

Skylight, 16x20 White Aluminum

The Guardian, 16x20 White Aluminum

Lioness, 16x20 White Aluminum

Ocelot, 16x20 White Aluminum

Lady Susquehanna, 16x20 White Aluminum SOLD

The Bee, 16x20 White Aluminum

Energy, 16x20 White Aluminum

River Leopard, 16x20 White Aluminum

Manipura, 16x20 White Aluminum

Green Woman 2020, 16x20 White Aluminum

The Whale, 16x20 White Aluminum

Rose Army, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

Wisdom 2019, 16x20 White Aluminum

Night Heron, 16x20 White Aluminum

Sea Leopard, 20x24 White Aluminum, SOLD

Light Runner, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

A Gold and Blue Hour, 16x20 White Aluminum 

Climate Change, 20x24 White Aluminum

Pastiche: Klimt 2018, 16x20 White Aluminum

Mother Nature, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

Strength of Ideals, 20x24 White Aluminum, SOLD

Climate Change II, 20x24 White Aluminum SOLD

Climate Change III, 16x20 White Aluminum

Climate Change V, 16x20 White Aluminum

The Winter Messenger, 16x20 White Aluminum SOLD

The Sought, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

The Seeker, 16x20 White Aluminum

Climate Change VII, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

Defiance, 16x20 White Aluminum

Centella, 16x20 White Aluminum

Spring, 16x20 White Aluminum SOLD

Riverscape, 16x20 White Aluminum SOLD

Dream Path, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

The Wolf, 16x20 White Aluminum

Susquehanna, 16x20 White Aluminum

Ominous I, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

Ominous II, 16x20 White Aluminum, SOLD

Green Woman 2019, 16x20 White Aluminum

River Dream, 16x20 White Aluminum

Setting the Stars, 16x20 White Aluminum SOLD

Riverscape II, 16x20 White Aluminum

Wisteria, 16x20 White Aluminum

Climate Change IV, 16x20 White Aluminum

Calm Fire, 20x24 White Aluminum, SOLD

Wisdom, 20x24 White Aluminum, SOLD

Dreamscape 1, 20x24 White Aluminum

Floating Dream, 20x24 White Aluminum

This Lemur is Woke, 20x24 White Aluminum, IN PRIVATE COLLECTION

Awakening, 16x20 White Aluminum SOLD

City State, 16x20 White Aluminum

Balancing, 16x20 White Aluminum

Roaming, 16x20 White Aluminum

Serene, 16x20 White Aluminum

Lighthouse, 16x20 White Aluminum

The Hunter, 16x20 White Aluminum

Blue Owl, 20x24 White Aluminum, IN PRIVATE COLLECTION

Clarity of Vision, 16x20 White Aluminum

Shelter, 20x24 White Aluminum, IN PRIVATE COLLECTION

Reading, 20x24 White Aluminum, SOLD

Interval, 20x24 White Aluminum SOLD

Diving Indianapolis, 20x24 White Aluminum, SOLD

Choices, 20x24 White Aluminum, IN PRIVATE COLLECTION

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